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Quick Obsidian Guide

One thing that has become clear from doing 1:1 coaching is that Obsidian is a big part of my learning workflow, but I haven’t yet covered it in detail on this site! To amend this, I’m going to write a quick post outlining some of my main thoughts re: Obsidian, and also add a screenshare video so I can do a quick tour of my space and show some key features.

Summary of Key Ideas Guides

I wanted to have a quick summary of each of the key ideas posts as I know they’re a little verbose at the moment - the whole “if I had more time I’d have written a shorter letter” syndrome.

Key Ideas Guide 3: Getting Started With Anki

Everything you need to start strong with Anki!

Key Ideas Guide 2: Learning, Knowledge, Intelligence, Mastery, Anki

Anki isn’t just for memorising facts! What is Anki -> debunking Anki myths -> what is learning, knowledge, intelligence?

Key Ideas Guide 1: Intro & Mission

(Lack of) learning at school -> empirically backed best ways to learn -> profundity of memorisation -> Anki & benefits.

Welcome to Teaching You How To Learn!

Quick Mission Statement: The aim of this site is to act as a natural extension of the 80,000 Hours website.