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Quick Mission Statement:

The aim of this site is to act as a natural extension of the 80,000 Hours website.

80,000 Hours is a fantastic site for assessing how to choose an impactful career (aligning with Effective Altruism values). I want to create a similarly essential site that outlines how to best develop knowledge, and also to act as a repository of Effective Altruism flashcards to improve knowledge sharing & retention.

The current aim is to outline the best techniques for learning and gaining knowledge in a short series of blog posts, and to share free flashcard decks related to Effective Altruism for people to use to test meta-learning out for themselves.

I believe that empowering people to gain as much knowledge as possible in their chosen fields will help them increase their impact over their careers.

(Read my Effective Altruism Forum post which outlines my original vision/ mission statement)